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Information Security is a continuous process. It is to be streamlined using physical, administrative and technical controls. Information Security involves a tradeoff between Security and Usability. There is no such thing as a totally secure system Corporate Information Security’s goal is to provide an appropriate level of security, based on the value of an organization’s information and its business needs.

TuxCentrix provide Information System Audits & Advisory Services, Frameworks & Compliance Consulting, Technical Services and Information Security training. We help our client to implement and maintain comprehensive ISMS( Information Security Management System) which ensure the protection of organization’s information asset.

We aim to be an information assurance company capable of providing all-inclusive cyber & information security services to our clients. Our mission is to serve our clients as trusted advisor by securing their information and operational assets, thus enabling them to achieve their business goals.

Our team consists of experts across a spectrum of Information Technology having some of the top security qualifications in the industry. TuxCentrix's professional excellence and deep technical capabilities has enabled us to work with a range of market leading companies.

Reasons to You Choose us

TuxCentrix is a Tusted name in InfoSec Consultancy
Founded in 2006, TuxCentrix Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, headquartered in Cochin (Kerala, India) to providing broad range of Information Security Services to its clients.
TuxCentrix provides total solution in Information Security Domain
TuxCentrix provides the comprehensive range of services and solutions in information security centered around risk assessment to deployment and continuous assessment. We assist organizations to identify and evaluate information security risks through security reviews, assessment, security audits and penetration testing and to design and implement security solutions to mitigate risks through strategic Information Security Management System implementation.
TuxCentrix Has Extensive Experience
We have extensive experience in information security and our committed team of highly skilled professionals ensure accurate implementation of information security solution.

Special Services

  •  Secure Network Engineering
    Secure networks are crucial for IT systems and their proper operations as most applicants works in the networking environment and closely depend on its performance, reliability and security. Improper network design can be very expensive for a company because of loss of business continuity, security incidents ,cost of network rebuilding etc. We help you to design and implement secure networks.
  •  Wireless Device Control
    Wireless devices are a convenient vector for attackers to maintain long-term access into a target environment. Major thefts of data have been initiated by attackers who have gained wireless access to organizations from outside the physical building. TuxCentrix provide solution to secure your wireless networks.
  •  Secure Configuration for Firewalls
    The approach to firewall configuration by our experienced firewall experts provide greatest security.